Fabric & Shoe Spray (Stain Remover) 500ml-100ml

•It easily removes even the most stubborn stains.
•Provides versatile usage areas.
•It has a walnut scent.
•It is alcohol-free.
•It preserves colors and does not cause fading.
•It does not contain phosphates.
•Suitable for all water-resistant surfaces.
•It is a special cleaning product that does not contain solvents and contains sensitive distillates.
•Effective against stains and dirt on wool, cotton, synthetic fabrics, colored and white laundry, carpets,rugs, tulle, curtains, sofas, and armchair upholstery.
•Ecology: It is a cleaning material that complies with OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation andDevelopment) standards and is biologically soluble in nature. • The packaging is made of HDPE, so it canbe recycled.
•Please wash the bottle with water for recycling.
•It does not produce harmful vapors to health and does not harm the respiratory system. • It does notleave any residue on the surface and does not stain.
•It can be used to remove stains on all washable and wipeable textiles and clothes.
•It is used directly without mixing with water.
•It can also be used to remove dirt and stains on shoes and soles, and cloth bags.
•It is effective against all stubborn stains on carpets and rugs.
•It can be used on wool, silk, bamboo, and all other types of carpets. It does not damage the color andtexture.
•It can be used on all household textile products such as tables, sofas, curtains, sheets, and other textileproducts that have stains.
•It can also be used on stains inside vehicles.
•It can be used for dusting on wood surfaces and for cleaning heavy dirt caused by external factors onplastic cutting surfaces.
•It is a general and powerful cleaner used for cleaning all washable surfaces with stubborn and oily dirt inhomes and workplaces.
•It does not damage and protects plastic, seals, rubber, sensitive metal surfaces.